Alessandro FEDELI
Country:    Italy
Born:   1996-03-02 (22)

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Year   Teams    CycleBase
  2015    General Store - Bottoli - Zardini       2038    -
  2016    General Store - Bottoli - Zardini (to July)
Unieuro - Wilier (Trainee, from August)  

1590    -
  2017    Colpack       1510    1
  2018    Trevigiani Phonix - Hemus 1896 (to July)
Delko - Marseille Provence KTM (Trainee, from August)  

778    3
  2019    Delko - Marseille Provence  (-2020)     750    -

Results | Wins | Analysis


GP Poggiana (9/8)
  6th place


Czech Tour (11-14/8)
  4th place in 2nd stage
  8th place in 4th stage
Trofeo Beato Bernardo (17/8)
  5th place
Ruota d`Oro (27/9)
  6th place


Trofeo Banca Populare Piva (2/4)
  7th place
GP Liberazione (25/4)
  8th place
Toscana Terra di Eroica (28-29/4)
  7th place
  4th place in 2nd stage
  3rd place in 3rd stage
Pijl van het Zuiden (24-28/5)
  5th place in 4th stage
  4th place in 5th stage
Giro Valle d`Aosta (12-16/7)
  1st place in 4th stage
GP Poggiana (13/8)
  9th place


GP Izola - Butan Plin (25/2)
  17th place
Settimana Coppi e Bartali (22-25/3)
  8th place in 1st stage
GP Palio del Recioto (3/4)
  7th place
Trofeo Edil C (7/4)
  1st place
GP Liberazione (25/4)
  1st place
Circuito del Porto (6/5)
  25th place
GP Industria del Marmo (13/5)
  8th place
Ronde van de Isard d`Ariege (17-20/5)
  6th place in 3rd stage
Tour of Estonia (25-26/5)
  7th place in 2nd stage
GP Priessnitz (31/5-3/6)
  9th place in prologue
  9th place in 1st stage
Trofeo Città di Brescia (3/7)
  19th place
Ronde van Medio Brenta (8/7)
  7th place
Giro Valle d`Aosta (11-15/7)
  8th place in prologue
  1st place in 3rd stage
  2nd place in 4th stage
Poly Normande (5/8)
  20th place
GP Capodarco (16/8)
  5th place
World Championships U23 (28/9)
  19th place
Tre Valli Varesine (9/10)
  72nd place
Tour of Hainan (23-31/10)
  22nd place
  10th place in 5th stage
  10th place in 7th stage