Lauretta HANSON
Country:    Australia
Born:   1994-10-29 (22)
Source: United Health Care 

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Year   Teams    CycleBase
  2015    -      351
  2016    Colavita - Bianchi       192
  2017    United Health Care       257

Results | Analysis


Delta Road Race (12/7)
  5th place


Tour Down Under (16-19/1)
  10th place
Tour of Qatar (2-5/2)
  10th place
  3rd place in 3rd stage
San Dimas Stage Race (1-3/4)
  4th place in 2nd stage
  1st place in 3rd stage
Redlands Classic (6-10/4)
  1st place in 4th stage
Joe Martin Stage Race (21-24/4)
  10th place in 3rd stage
Tour of the Gila (4-8/5)
  5th place in 4th stage
GP Gatineau (2/6)
  11st place
North Star GP (15-19/6)
  2nd place
  3rd place in 1st stage
  9th place in 3rd stage
  8th place in 4th stage
  8th place in 5th stage
  6th place in 6th stage