Lauretta HANSON
Country:    Australia
Born:   1994-10-29 (23)
Source: United Health Care 

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Year   Teams    CycleBase
  2015    -      352
  2016    Colavita - Bianchi       193
  2017    United Health Care       187
  2018    United Health Care       165

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Delta Road Race (12/7)
  5th place


Tour Down Under (16-19/1)
  10th place
Tour of Qatar (2-5/2)
  10th place
  3rd place in 3rd stage
San Dimas Stage Race (1-3/4)
  4th place in 2nd stage
  1st place in 3rd stage
Redlands Classic (6-10/4)
  1st place in 4th stage
Joe Martin Stage Race (21-24/4)
  10th place in 3rd stage
Tour of the Gila (4-8/5)
  5th place in 4th stage
GP Gatineau (2/6)
  11st place
North Star GP (15-19/6)
  2nd place
  3rd place in 1st stage
  9th place in 3rd stage
  8th place in 4th stage
  8th place in 5th stage
  6th place in 6th stage


Tour of California (11-14/5 - World Tour)
  60th place
Winston Salem Classic (29/5)
  3rd place


NC Australia (7/1)
  8th place
Tour Down Under (11-14/1)
  3rd place in 1st stage