Country:    Italy
Born:   1999-11-05 (19)
Family:   Sister of Arianna Fidanza, daughter of Giovanni Fidanza

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Important victories
  2 World Cup victorie(s)

Year   CycleBase
  2016-2017    260
  2018-2019    47

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GP Brno (18-19/6/2016)
  4th place in Sprint
  3rd place in Keirin
Los Angeles (25-26/2/2017 - CDM)
  9th place in Team sprint
World Championships (12-16/4/2017)
  11st place in Team sprint


Tre Sere di Pordenone (24-27/7/2018)
  3rd place in Points Race
European Championships U23 (21-26/8/2018)
  2nd place in Team sprint
NC Italy (10-11/9/2018)
  4th place in Sprint
  1st place in Keirin
GP Vienna (11-13/10/2018)
  7th place in Scratch
  5th place in Points Race
  2nd place in Madison
  3rd place in Omnium
Berlin (30/11-2/12/2018 - CDM)
  4th place in Team Pursuit
Trofeu Literio Augusto Marques (7-9/12/2018)
  2nd place in Scratch
  4th place in Omnium
Cambridge (18-20/1/2019 - CDM)
  1st place in Scratch
Hong Kong (25-27/1/2019 - CDM)
  1st place in Scratch