Country:    Slovenia
Born:   1998-06-26 (20)

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   Wins (UCI)
  2017    ROG - Ljubljana       684    1
  2018    Ljubljana - Gusto Xaurum       1046    1
  2019    Groupama - FDJ Continental       793    -

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World Championships U19 (14/10)
  6th place


Umag Trophee (1/3)
  5th place
Istrian Spring Trophy (9-12/3)
  8th place in 1st stage
Carpathia Couriers Path (29/4-2/5)
  2nd place in 3rd stage
AN Post Ras (21-28/5)
  10th place in 7th stage
NC Slovenia ITT (9/6)
  7th place
Ronde van Slovenie (15-18/6)
  10th place in 4th stage
NC Slovenia (25/6)
  5th place
Tour of Hungary (27/6-2/7)
  9th place in prologue
  1st place in 2nd stage
  1st place in ranking after 2nd stage
GP Kranj (30/7)
  2nd place
European Championships U23 (5/8)
  10th place
Croatia - Slovenia (27/8)
  3rd place


Kattekoers (Gent - Ieper) (25/3)
  1st place
ZLM Tour - Arjaan de Schipper Trofee (14/4)
  5th place
Tour of Croatia (17-22/4)
  88th place
  8th place in 1st stage
  7th place in 2nd stage
GP Liberazione (25/4)
  2nd place
Ronde van de Toekomst (17-26/8)
  5th place in 5th stage
Tour of Taihu (7-14/10)
  9th place in 3rd stage
  7th place in 4th stage
  6th place in 5th stage
  5th place in 7th stage


Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux (5-7/4)
  8th place in 3rd stage
Tour of Flanders U23 (13/4)
  5th place
Tour de Bretagne (25/4-1/5)
  10th place in 1st stage
  8th place in 7th stage
L`Etoile d`Or (4/5)
  5th place
Entre Brenne et Montmorillonnais (5/5)
  2nd place
GP Claude Criquielion (19/5)
  3rd place
Paris - Roubaix U23 (2/6)
  9th place